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Transformational dog training for all breeds and all ages

Looking for a dog training expert? 

Meet me, Kathy!

With my guidance, you can teach your furry friend to behave, focus, and respond to your commands.

Say goodbye to embarrassing moments and enjoy life with your well-behaved dog. Contact me today!

I can help you with your puppy, rescue dog, adolescent dog or adult dog.  I'd love to be your advisor, mentor and guide with all things dog and dog training.

Does your dog that misbehave or embarrass you?

Does your dog pull on the lead and lunge at other dogs?

Does your dog come when you call or ignore you?

I understand problems that owners have and am certain that with a bit of training, you could claim your life back and enjoy living with your dog.  I teach dogs to focus on their owners.  When they focus on their owners, the owner means more than the other dog, person, leaf, butterfly or any other distraction!

If you want a dog that will walk nicely beside you, not jump on your visitors, come when you call it and doesn't wreck your home, or cry when you go out, then get in touch.

Smarty Paws clients have dogs that :

  • walk nicely on their leads
  • consider their owner as the centre of their universe
  • know how to behave when visitors come to the house
  • are complimented on their behaviour
  • are happy to be left at home for short periods.
Dog training made simple and fun

Dog waiting for their owner to train them.

  • I don't use jargon and boring explanations.  I just want to help you understand why your dog is behaving as they are.  And then I want to help you fix that.
  • I help by explaining the technical stuff in every day language and common sense terms.  Most dog owners can find and fix solutions with my help when they understand the problems.
  • As a hands-on dog trainer, I show you how you can get the right results in the right way.  I don't believe in punishment or any type of aversive training.  
  • I just want to train your dog how to be a great family pet.  I'm not here to train your dog how to do competition obedience.  Check out what my clients think of my training methods on Google Reviews
  • All the training and behaviour is done by me.  I won't fob you off to anyone else.  Occasionally I'll bring someone to help me but they're only there to hold the lead!
  • Because every dog, owner, family and their problems are different, I approach every dog, owner, family and problem individually.  A solution that works for one problem, may not work for you or your circumstances.  
  • I love what I do – and I hope that is obvious when you meet me! My consultations are friendly, fun and easy going.  We all need to be relaxed so that your dog is relaxed but the consultations must be educational too.  At the end of the day, that's why you're on my website, because you want to learn how to fix a problem with your dog.
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