Bespoke Behaviour Programmes

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Dog behavior problems can be confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming. Sometimes, it's hard to even figure out what the real problem is. Or which problem is most important.   That's why I'm here.  I'll help you to understand why your dog is behaving the way they are and then come up with a plan and training for you and your dog.

Bespoke Behaviour Programmes

Do you have a placid dog one moment and an absolute nightmare the next?  Dogs can develop problems for all sorts of reasons, from being distressed when you leave home to guarding their most precious items, or jumping , lunching and generally reacting aggressively to other dogs or to people.

It’s frustrating, distressing, even embarrassing when your dog behaves 'badly'.

I see many, many dogs who just need a bit of help and training but others need more help.  They aren't being 'bad' on purpose, they just don't know what's expected of them or how to have good manners!  Or they may be scared and we may never know why they're scared, but we need to help them.  

Because behaviour problems are unique to the dog, I create bespoke behaviour programmes to help you and your dog. Your first step is to book a factfinding call and then we'll chat about the issues you are experiencing.  I will then design a programme to help your dog overcome the issues and support you and your dog whilst the new behaviour is put into place.  It is important that we give your dog the time to adjust to their new regime because some problems aren't solved overnight, I also know that it takes time and patience to change the dog's behaviour.

Behaviour Assessment

A dog is loveable, exciting but can also daunting.  You may be experiencing all sorts of problems.  

It’s frustrating, distressing, even embarrassing when your dog behaves 'badly'.  Like jumping up on people, reacting to people or dogs, struggling with separation anxiety, lunging on their leads, not coming back and so on!

This visit will allow me to assess your dog and if I can't help you, you get your money back.  If I can help you, then we'll discuss which package is best, give you a plan and do some training.

You can choose between an in-home assessment or zoom assessment.  If you dog has separation anxiety or is people aggressive an in-home assessment is not suitable.  But don't worry, I am very experienced at this and you will find a zoom assessment just as good (if not better)!

During the assessment, we will chat about your dog, get all the information I need and then I will give you a plan and training to get started. 

Get in touch if you'd like more information about assessments or to chat about your dog's behaviour problems.

I am an accredited IMDT Dog Trainer.  Please check their website out for more information.

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