Five things puppy owners should never do

If you are a new puppy owner, you'll probably be getting loads of advice from your family, friends, other dog owners and even the lady in the corner store.  Everyone has their advice and some of it is absolutely correct whereas other advice is dodgy, or even incorrect.  

Early weeks with your new puppy are so important so I've created a list of five things that you should never do:

Don't rush giving your puppy freedom

Your puppy needs you to supervise them at all times.  If you allow them to make their own fun when you're not about, then they can resort to chewing furniture or wires.  So its easier and safer to keep your eye on them now, rather than when the bad habits are formed and have to correct it later.

A crate can help you keep the puppy contained and also giving them a really good safe place to go to when it all gets too much.  If you need help crate training your puppy, I can help with  Puppy Home & Social Training in your own home.

Remember to puppy proof your home and put all medications out of reach, covering wires and picking up anything which they may be able to chew.

Adorable golden Cockapoo puppy sleeping inside in crate

Puppy loving life in their crate

Don’t Skip Socialisation

Its really important that your puppy is socialized during the first three months of their lifes.  Otherwise they will become overwhelmed and this may lead to a dog that lacks confidence.  Your breeder should start socialising your puppy but once you get the puppy home, its your responsibility.

Socialisation doesn’t just mean meeting people and dogs, it also means introducing your pup to as many new experiences as possible in a positive way. Mops, vacuum cleaners, cats and walking gaits are an example of other things which are important to introduce your dog to.  

Make sure that these experiences are rewarding and fun.  Don't force the puppy into a situation that they may not be enjoying as one bad experience could undo all yourhard work.  Move at your puppy's pace and give them lots of praise or treats.  Puppy Classes can help you with socialisation and training.

Puppies waiting to be trained

Don’t Be Inconsistent

Dogs love routine.  They like to know when they can expect meals, walks, playtime, and so on. Routine also helps with toilet training because regular mealtimes lead to predictable bathroom breaks.

Before you get your puppy think about a schedule that fits your lifestyle.  But when your puppy arrives, make sure that your schedule will suit your puppy’s needs.  

Once you have started training your puppy or set rules - stick to them!  If your puppy isn't allowed to go upstairs, stick to your rule and don't break it 'just the once'.  Your puppy won't understand what's expected and then you'll be struggling to enforce it at other times. Make sure everybody in the household is following the same set of rules.

Don’t Wait to Train Your Puppy

There’s no magic age to start training your puppy. By the time you get your puppy home, they are more than capable of learning new behaviours.   Puppy antics are funny and cute, but that excited pulling on walks is now dislocating your arm.

Start teaching your puppy basic manners like not jumping up, spending time alone and how to come back to you when you call them.  Group Classes can be fun for you, your family and your puppy.  I love involving children in training their puppies and they're more than welcome to come along.

Girl teaching her dog how to give a high five

And one of the best things you can do?

Form a relationship with your dog trainer.  So when you don't understand your dog or puppy, you have someone who is independent and professional who can give you advice and help!  Get in touch with me on 07973430952 if you need help or are interested in training your dog or puppy.


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