Puppy and Dog group classes and socialisation

Most people spend a lot of time hoping and wishing for a chilled out, relaxed and happy dog.  A dog who will join in family stuff and isn't hyper all the time.  You know, a dog or puppy who is fun and a pleasure to have about.   And having that relaxed, fun to be with dog, is realistic, as long as you train them!

If you need help training your dog (or just want to learn how to train your dog), book yourself onto group training classes!  Sometimes you get lucky with a dog or puppy and they're all these things, but mostly, you need to train your pup how to cope and teach them what is expected of them.

I can help you and your puppy...

Smarty Paws clients have puppies that :

  • walk nicely on their leads
  • consider their owner as the centre of their universe
  • don't destroy your home
  • know how to behave in the house
  • know how to behave when visitors come to the house
  • are complimented on their behaviour
  • are happy to be left at home for short periods.

I cover Portrush and the North Coast and only use kind, ethical and effective techniques.  Sign up for a puppy class today!  Book your space.  If you don't see a class that suits you, get in touch.