Mantrailing - Training Dogs to Find People for Fun

Mantrailing is a great, fun sport for you and your dog.  And the best news?  Every single dog can do it.  So if you have a young dog, old dog, reactive dog or any other type of dog, give this a try!

Mantrailing is training a dog to follow and find a person from taking that person's scent from an article.  

Search and rescue teams worldwide use the technique to find missing people, but this is just for fun for you and your dog.

I run introduction sessions and continuation sessions in fun and interesting locations.  Click here to book your introduction session or here for your continuation session!  If you want more information, click here.

Four reasons to do mantrailing (and there are many more!)

Bond with your dog ❤️

You will form a deeper bond with your dog.  Your dog loves to please you and will enjoy the praise they get for their new found skill. 

You and your dog will learn something new every time you trail.  You will also meet a variety of people so perfect for socialising too! 

Happy, relaxed and contented dogs 💤

When a dog uses their nose for scentwork, it releases all the happy hormones so you get chilled out and relaxed dogs!  

Explore the world 🌍

Mantrailing activities are held in different locations so you get to explore new environments and go on adventures with your doggos!

Once you've completed the Introduction Class you can trail with any Mantrailing Global instructors - and that's  worldwide!

Competitive streak? 🏆

You can be as competitive (or not) as you like.  

If you love Mantrailing as much as we do, and you are looking for a goal to train towards - then working towards our Mantrailing Global Levels is for you.

Don't limit your challenges, Challenge your limits!